Maddox-Muse Center

Maddox-Muse Center was originally built as the Fort Worth Medical College. The Fort Worth Medical College was established as the medical department of Fort Worth University in 1894 by a group of prominent area physicians. Among those in its small charter class was Francis Daisy Emery, the first woman medical school graduate in Texas. The college moved to its location in 1905, and in 1911 became affiliated with Texas Christian University. In 1918, the medical college relocated to Dallas to become associated with Baylor University's medical school. During its 24 years in Fort Worth, the Medical College graduated approximately 400 students.

The building was renovated in 1998 by Performing Arts Fort Worth to be used as administrative offices. In 2000, David Schwartz designed the two recital halls (The Van Cliburn Recital Hall and the McDavid Studio) that were added on to the original building. These halls were built in mind for the resident companies to utilize for practice and for commercial use for private and public events.