"Lighting affects everything light falls upon. How you see what you see, how you feel about it, and how you hear what you are hearing. Replace the ‘a’ with an ‘e’ and you get lighting effects!" - Jean Rosenthal

5 Basic Lights Used at Bass Hall

We will cover the basic lighting instruments that make up the bread and butter of theatrical lighting. Most of the shows you see here at Bass Hall and other theaters around the world will use many of these exact types of lighting fixtures in multiple combinations.

Intro to Lighting

We will explore the theory of theatrical lighting design and some of the history behind it. We will also cover theatrical lighting fundamentals, types of fixtures and their application, and illustrate the importance of the direction of light and color.

Lighting Practicum Video

A general Lighting system consists of many parts and can be different in any theater you may be in. Get a glimpse at how the Bass Hall lighting system works and some of its key components. Maybe you'll learn something new about our system that can help you at your school or theater.

Don't forget to view the Video Outline and Glossary of Terms below. These resources are downloadable and great references as you view each of the instructional videos.

The next part of the course will be released in January. Enjoy your winter break!