Valet Parking

The drop-off points for Valet Parking at Bass Performance Hall are located on Calhoun Street and Commerce Street between 4th and 5th Streets. Valet Service opens 1 1/2 hours prior to the event and all vehicles must be retrieved no later than 30 minutes after the final curtain.

Valet Service is capable of parking and assisting handicapped patrons. Wheelchairs will be provided when necessary as well as any assistance that is needed to get into the Hall.

The cost for Valet Parking is $20.00 per car.

Patrons who wish to dine in the downtown area after the performance should pick up their keys immediately after the performance. Patrons will be responsible for retrieving their own vehicles if they do not intend to be back within 30 minutes of the final curtain.

Patron Parking

Patrons who do not wish to utilize our quick and courteous valet service are welcome to park in the 777 Main Parking Garage located at 601 Commerce Street, with entrances on 5th and 6th Streets. Parking is not available in the 777 Main Parking Garage on weekdays prior to 6PM. For alternative parking options in Sundance Square Garages, please visit their website

Any further questions regarding parking or valet services should be directed to 817-212-4280.

Van-Accessible Parking

Wheelchair patrons, please note that van-accessible parking is available at the 5th Street entrance to the 777 Main Parking Garage located at 601 Commerce Street. Bass Performance Hall has "curb-cuts" at both East and West Portals, creating convenient drop-off points for wheelchair patrons.

NOTICE: Any mobility assistance devices temporarily stored during performances are at the sole risk of the patron.  Bass Performance Hall shall not be responsible for any damage to, or theft of, such devices. Please secure any motorized device before proceeding to your seat.